There are a handful of Google Glass™ Explorers at Weber Shandwick. It may surprise you that a PR & communications firm would be developing Glassware, but we believe it is one of the most significant computing advances we’ve seen in some time. As the stewards of content-publishing and socially driven campaigns for our clients — Glass represents a sea-change in how brands must rethink the notion of “real-time”.

Google Glass is compelling to us because it removes historical UX barriers to seamlessly:

  1. offer access and visibility to content
  2. add localized relevance to content to feed our screen, and
  3. offer the means to produce and share content in the moment.

The last element is the most significant in our opinion. Without Glass, producing and socializing a photo goes something like this:

  1. Pull out your phone
  2. Unlock it
  3. Access your favorite camera app
  4. Take a photo (or record a video)
  5. Crop it, adjust it, enhance it
  6. Type in a caption
  7. Share it

With Glass, taking and sharing a photo is more like:

  1. Press the photo button
  2. Select a contact to share it with (social networks can be contacts)
  3. Speak a caption
  4. Share it

The reduction in steps may seem minor to you but in terms of timing and user experience, the process of publishing through Glass feels  as instantaneous as blinking (or winking). We feel that in todays socially driven media environment, instantaneous publishing is going to be, hands-down THE killer app for Glass.

For example: What will it mean for brands a few years from now when 1/3rd of the fans at the Superbowl are instantaneously publishing their experience through wearables, like Glass. As the technology becomes more popular what will the velocity, volume, and quality of content mean for social media?

We wrote wpForGlass to get a better sense of the answers to these questions. It is currently the only WordPress Plug-In that we are aware of that you can install to a self-hosted WordPress blog. We’ve open-sourced it too, so you can fork the code-base and help us improve it. If you’re a Glass explorer, or you’re just curious, take a read through how it works, the faq, and installation instructions.

We’d love to hear about what you do with it.